Slaying Stone

  • Treona: An elderly human woman ritualist that asked for the parties help in retrieving the Slaying Stone from the town Kiris Dahn
  • Kiris Alkirk: A regal man in his mid forties. Former noble of the town Kiris Dahn now displaced after the goblin invasion 8 years ago
  • Kiris Hoyt: Also a former noble of Kiris Dahn. Found out he was a were-rat and was killed.
  • Hu-Jat: Hobgoblin leader of the goblins. Killed by the party.


  • Therai: Tiefling owner of the Arcane Star in Hammerfast
  • High Master Marsinda Goldspinner: Leader of Hammerfast
  • Gelwik Goldspinner: A young blond haired dwarf. Son of Marsinda that asked the party to check on the situation in Harkenwold.

Reavers of Harkenwold

  • Ilyana: Middle aged woman that the party saved. She has 2 sons Jarek and Jarl. Her husband was killed by the Iron Circle.
  • Iron Circle: A group of people that controls south lands, but are now apparently extending their reach north to the Nentir Vale.
  • Reithann: A elderly 80 year old human woman druid who lives in a druid’s grove near Albridge. She has 2 apprentices Lorel and Theren that rarely stray from her side.
  • Dar Gremath: A broad shouldered man Dar Gremath who runs the stables in Albridge. He is also the leader of the resistance in Harkenwold. Died at the end by the hands of assassin in service to the Iron Circle.
  • Bran Torsson: Bran is the elder of Tor’s Hold. He is a big, boisterous man of 60 years.
    Irafen: Elven scout of the Woodsinger clan
  • Eriyal: Female elf leader of the Woodsinger clan
  • Nazin Redthorn: Leader of the Iron Circle. Died during the final fall of the Iron Circle
  • Sturmik: A tiefling commander of the Iron Circle. Escaped from the fall of the Iron Circle
  • Lord Vhennyk: Mysterious leader behind the Iron Circle attacking Harkenwold. Rumored to live in Winterhaven.
  • Baron John Stockmer: Baron of Harkenwold who was captured by the Iron Circle.

Cairn of the Winter King

  • Marko Lancet: escaped prisoner that stole the ice scepter.
  • Winter King: Undead despot that controls the Cairn.
  • Zanna & Azrinda: Female gnomes that attacked the party, but fled after the Winter King was defeated.
  • Thud/Thunk: a ettin in the employee of the Winter King who escaped
  • Anger: A lieutenant that worked for the Winter King and was defeated by the party.

Orcs of Stonefang Pass

  • Rangrim Glintshield: The current leader of the Glintshield clan
  • Hadarra: Female dwarf hoping Mikhal can find the other half of the sending stone that was carried by her sister Flinka. Flinka was killed by the orc attack
  • Severed Eye orcs: A large tribe of orcs living around the Ironwall Mountains. They higher ranking members gouge their eye out in support to their god Gruumsh
  • Gwendar: Dwarf leader of the Shadowed Chain. A elderly dwarf that stands proud
  • Serka: Female dwarf of the Shadowed Chain. Seems protective of Gwendar
  • Rigdin: A young looking dwarf of the Shadowed Chain. He seems quiet and calm
  • Duggin: A burly battle-scarred dwarf of the Shadowed Chain.


  • Lord and Lady Sevrym: The hereditary leaders of Timbervale
  • Rangrim Glintshield: Know the leader of Clan Glintshield, and trying to re-establish the Stonefang Pass through the southern area of Stonemarch


  • Lord Warden Faren Markelhay: Leader of the city of Fallcrest
  • Armos Kamroth: A merchant that tried to hire Iron Circle muscle.
  • Spanky McGee the Amazing Halfling and his Prismatic Cloak: A suave and sophisticated halfling who is trying to be a agent for the party.
  • Wisara Osterman: A stern female halfling who runs the Silver Unicorn Inn where the party is currently staying
  • Enbella Amberoak: Female elf that was killed. Ragar the Second knew her.
  • Tumock Stoneguard: A dwarf that Mikhal knew growing up that was also murdered.
  • Radley Regalhorn: A warrior friend of Figment.


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